Energy Managment Doesn't Just Happen


Where are you in the chart below?  If you are anywhere other than the upper right corner, we should talk.  Our company will help you formulate a procurement strategy, execute that strategy, and put the tools in place that will enable you to properly manage your energy expense through energy efficiency and revenue generating platforms.



Enterprise Energy Consulting was incorporated in the State of Texas on September 19, 2011.  Within 45 days of our existence we were accepted by an exclusive group TEPA, dedicated to promoting ethical business practices and transparency in the energy industry, and we were granted a Texas Aggregator license due to our industry experience.  Both of these groups usually require a business exist 6-12 months before considering them for membership or license.  After due diligence, our credentials passed their rigorous standards to be admitted early.

Our Leadership team personally handles all negotiations and oversees all conservation projects.  We are partners with many national and regional suppliers, and have new suppliers asking to do business with us daily. 





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